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Student Updates – Ernie Martinez

Ernie Martinez enrolled in the Jobs 4 California Graduates program in the 2019-2020 school year and also joined J4CG Specialist and Fresno City College Adjunct Professor, Ms. Kimber De Martin’s dual enrollment program.

From the beginning Ernie took a leadership role, was always on-time and never missed a class or an opportunity to help his J4CG team members! Ernie successfully completed the J4CG program and college course and graduated in May of 2020.

During Ms. De Martin’s follow-up with Ernie he shared “Hi Mrs. De Martin! It is wonderful to hear from you!  I’m doing very well, I actually just got back from accepting a donation of $50,000 for scholarships on behalf of the Fresno Boys and Men of Color. I hope all is well with you!”

J4CG Alumni Ernie is another example of Ms. De Martin’s J4CG program success!

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